I gravitate towards printmaking because of the hands on aspect of creating a relief print through the use of carving.  Each cut is permanent, so intuition is used when selecting the appropriate carving tool for each stroke.  This subtractive process demands prolonged periods of time and energy, which results in a form of meditation when working towards a final piece.

As well as showcasing the final product, I enjoy sharing the complete process through video documentation and displaying the material used.  The objective is to present the intricacies that go into creating a print in order for my audience to gain a greater appreciation.

Internal motivation and desires dictate what subjects are portrayed in my work, family members that have contributed to shaping ethical and artistic views to more conceptual pieces that derive from personal experiences.  To create a piece that provokes conversation amongst viewers while also reflecting poignant life moments is the culmination.


Print to Live.  Live to Print.